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That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


Highlights of the 2009 Fishing Season

Early Spring Browns and Bulls

The spring started off kind of slow with the snow hanging around until mid April. I was fooled on a couple occasions and the snow squalls returned and made for a few short days. This spring was different as I had taken possession of my new fishing machine a 15 ft Zodiac that I have been dreaming about for years. It was promising to be a good season of fishing.

I had several good trips on the rivers of home landing a good bully on my birthday and had some nice browns come to hand as well. It really heated up I the middle of May as all the lowland runoff had happened and the river was clear. We had made acquaintances of some 40 different trout in my home strech of river. I mainly videoed the action (see video section)

I was lucky enough to get in two trips up the Ram River. It was 23 river kms and then floated down to the truck. The river is wild and has lots of boulder gardens, ledges and sharp corners. I did manage to ding up the motor and spring a leak but it was all worth it. We caught bulls whitefish and cutthroats. We even managed not to get our selves killed. This trip may be that last on this river until the nerves settle. Again I took some video of this trip as seen in the video section.

Ram River Run

In search of steelhead action on the fly I headed to Oregon for some classsic steelhead haunts. The Deschutes River boasts some of the best steelheading on the fly anywhere as these active summer runs chase drys skated through the slicks or wet flies swung through the runs. For living in Alberta the steelhead void, I was fortunate to have hooked and landed a nice 31 incher and had two boil on a skated dry. I will return to try this river again.

(see video section for a detailed account of landing this beast)

Oregon’ s Deschutes Steelhead

I saved the best for last,  as I started out the year with best gift a fisherman could get a new fishing partner. One that I can show the wonders of our natural world and teach the ways of the angler. I am sure I will have many memorable times on the river with her.

Baby Gracen has landed Daddy’s heart…..