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That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


Highlights of the 2008 Fishing Season

Queen Charolettes Adventure and Skeena River

Chromer Steelhead

Coho Buck on Fly

Kitwanga River Mouth

Pink Salmon on fly

Three Men and Slabs

Lingcod and Snapper

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The fishing trip of the summer started out with a long drive on the Yellowhead Highway which led me to Prince Rupert. Next day I got on a ferry bound for the Queen Charolette Islands. I arrived to see my fishing companions standing bewildered on a street corner in town. They seemed a little lost without their fearless leader. The next day we got on the water @ 9:00 am after the tide had come in to make the Skidegate Channel Run. The seas were rolling 3– 4 meter swell as we headed for the halibut grounds. We had epic bottom fish angling, landing a 155, 121 and 85 pound halibut. Captain Kenney harpooned our fish with the fearlessness of a seasoned whaler. These things were the size of 60 inch flat screen TVs. We also landed some nice lingcod and yellow eye rock fish. During this time Galileo fed the fish over the side of the boat in between landing a fish. The next couple days we trolled for salmon and the only major excitement was when Rob played a big piece of kelp for 10 minutes thinking it was a big spring. Leaving the Island with heavy coolers full of frozen fish I headed for a solo mission of Skeena Steelhead and Coho fishing.  On the river I encountered a few fish, some nice fresh steelhead, silver coho and pink salmon.  There were no other flyfishers to content with just some loud “bar fishermen”. It was a great adventure to wind down a good fishing season.