That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


Highlights of the 2007 Fishing Season

North Raven Brown

Fall Backyard Trout……..

When the leaves started to change the water levels in the river began to drop and the fishing picked up. There were many trout in the backwater below the house both browns and bulls. One day I would catch browns the other bull trout. They were hitting on rapalas and jigs. The largest bull trout went 22 inches and the brown just around 20. I can’t wait until the ice leaves so I can try for them again.

A Doctor and a Lawyer and a woodsman get on a boat......... No ! This is not a start to a joke belittling Lawyers, but it could be??? Rob and Lindsey and I visited friends on North Vancouver Island. We got out on the Salt chuck for a few days of fishing with Tides and Tales Sportfishing Charters and landed some nice denziens of the sea. We caught a boat load of hailbut and a few nice salmon. We were joined by gray whales and humpbacks and a pod of 30 killer whales. Ocean birds dove angerily for herring balls and eagles soared in the clouds. A great time to share with friends.

Location: Vancouver Island

Saltwater Adventures

The night started out like many June nights on the North Raven a few small trout rising to sporadic caddis. I was sure I had missed the mother of all hatches the brown drakes and the river was still ran stained with Clearwater River water making an inter-basin transfer. I made my way upstream to a familiar corner. I noticed a few small PED floating on the winds. I tied one on and  waited for a rise. Not 20 minutes later a distinct big toilet bowl rise form was visible close to the bank on the outside corner. Oh a pretty easy cast for a left hander  but it was hard from this angle. A few attempts and a possible refusal, another cast and my fly flanked the over hanging spruce bough  pausing as it bounced slowly towards the target. In an instant the fly was flushed in the mouth of a huge brown. This fish went crazy and jumped it seemed 5 feet in the air and my fly came un buttoned. Defeat! I was a little concerned of the fleeting light as I made my way to yet another familiar corner hole. The distinct sound of another monster slurping mayflies close to the bank could be heard. I stationed myself upstream of the beast and thought I would try for a down stream approach. I made a few false casts and dumped some slack on the water and floated my size 16 fly in his direction. This time the first cast was all it took. On the hook set the fish raced down stream around the corner my only saving grace is was I had heavy tippet as the light would hide the bulk. That little hook held as he retuned to his home below me an tried to get under the bank @ my feet to brush the hook out of his face. Then he sulked on the bottom. I had yet to see how big he was but I knew it would be my largest brown on a dry. Then he came to the surface to give me a look at a huge golden sided hawg. Five stressful minutes later I barely could fit him in my large landing net. I snapped a few pictures to capture the moment and returned him to the tea stained water.

This summer I had some great trips to the foothills. I fished a few new places and some old favorites. I was glad to find a new stream to fish loaded with chunky cutthroat and big bulls. I had some great days fishing these waters with drys and streamers. I can’t wait to return next season. I also fish a high altitude lake which I camped @ for a couple weekends in July. There were big bugs everywhere and the fish were eating them. Travelling sedge were the ticket and I was able to try some of my new patterns and found them to be quite successful. (check out the fly tying section for details) I also found a couple of small streams teaming with brook trout. These guys were always eager to bite.

Foothill Adventures

The Red Deer River

This late summer and fall I had some outings on the Red Deer.  The water was high almost all summer and finally in late August Brian and I got some  evening snout hunting. We hooked and landed some nice browns on PMDs. Later on I had some good days for whitefish. Some of them made it to the smoker. The last day I fished it in 2007 was Rememberence Day and I caught the biggest walleye of my life on a hand tied jig, now that is day to remember.

On the holiday break Tanya and I flew south to Reno for some R&R. I was fortunate to get out to fish the famous Pyramid Lake for huge Lahontan Cutthroat trout the largest was a 7.7 pounder on a spoon. I also spent hours in the new Cabelas store looking at (and buying some) of all the great gear - thanks Honey.

Location: High Desert, Reno, Nevada

Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from Pyramid Lake