That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


Highlights of the 2007 Hunting Season

This hunting season was one of the best hunting seasons for me personally. I had an opportunity to hunt with old and new friends and my brother Kurt and his son Keegan. I think Keegan will be  a hunter next year as he will be old enough to draw a tag and pack heat.

The season started off slowly with a fowl weather goose hunt on the lake, which turned out like most goose hunts do. The skies opened up on us with a powerful wind which forced us to shore. Therefore we didn’t get set up in time for the returning geese. We had hundreds of geese land with in rifle range but not near our setup.

 Next was grouse hunting with Teton in the familiar woods of home. They gave us the slip most of season as I think they are coyote wise. We did manage to bag a few in the splendour of fall colours in late September.

With the turning of October upland season went off with a bang as I was lucky enough to do some sharptails and partridge hunting on the prairies south of the Red Deer River north of Brooks. John let me park the Outback Hunting Lodge in his yard and we used that as base camp for the first 3 days of pheasants season. We chased some of the toughest birds to track down, the big wild river bottom and prairie roosters. We were joined by Kurt and Keegan, Jesper and Bobby from Denmark and John. Teton was happy to hunt with his girl friend Sadie and they managed to flush some wily ol roosters.

Next trip I drove down to Pincher Creek to hunt for the long awaited mule deer buck hunt. I had drawn a tag for the Porcupine Hills area and I was about a week into the season and Lindsey AKA Dr. Death told me that there were a few nice bucks around. First thing the next morning I was on my own to do some scouting  up near the Oldman River at Maycroft. I looked over about 6 bucks from130 to 150 and decided to pass. Later on in the afternoon I returned to Picher for a nap and Lindsey met me to go out for the evening hunt. Thinking we were going to do some touring Lindsey made sure to put some gas in his truck and we drove north of Pincher Station and within a mile and a half we spotted some deer bedded along a fence line. We stop confirmed that there was  good buck in the bunch. With  a quick glance @ the county map Lindsey said , “ that is one of my patients and he lives just over there”. We drove in an quickly gained access to the land. We returned to the area were we spotted the deer. There was a small buck bedded between us and the deer and we made sure he spooked the right direction as he would have disturbed the herd. We were fortunate to have a sandstone outcrop to use as cover as we belly crawled up to the edge (thank goodness there is no cactus in this area). As we peered over we saw that the deer had moved off a 100 yards or so and were standing in a stubble field. Lindsey said it was a shooter, so I quickly lined up. With a >60 km/hr crosswind I made a shot with the .338 and the buck dropped in his tracks. We drove around to claim our prize. My biggest mule deer buck to date. The shot was 192 yards down hill in a heavy crosswind. The wind had died as we approached the deer and a huge wind mill that had been beating minutes before stopped turning. After taking some pictures and joking about Lindsey being cheap on the gas we loaded him and headed back to town for a few Whiskey.

The next hunt came with opening day of whitetails @ home. Jamie and I looked over 30 head of deer before the sun set on the day. The next weekend proved to be more successful as I was joined by Craig and we made good on two bucks before 10:00 AM . Craig’s buck came first as we made our way to the bush were we hunting on foot we were able to use the darkness of dawn to sneak up on some  deer and I told Craig that if we got with in 250 yards we would take a shot. At 278 yards I told Craig to get read for the shot and he made the perfect lung shot and the buck went 20 yards before piling up in the field. I left Craig to dress his first whitetail buck and I walked to my stand.  When I arrived I had 3 yearlings mingling around on an opening and they soon moved off. Craig entered the woodlot and I motioned him to circle the perimeter of the river and slowly move some animals around. About 40 minutes later I had 5 moose cross the line and then I started to grunt a bit on my Western True Talker and minutes later I had a nice buck catch me looking the other way and I couldn’t get a shot as he dashed across the opening. Craig emerged 10 minutes later and a new game plan was drawn to retrace his steps to maybe squeeze this buck out. I moved closer to where the buck had crossed and 15 minutes later the buck came out on the line and this time I caught him looking the other way. I shot him @ 75 yards and he jumped into the thicket on the other side of the line. We later found him in some thick spruce, my largest whitetail buck to date lay there before us. It was a good day in the spruce woods.

I was lucky enough to get out for pheasants with Ludo, Mike and Lindsey for some late season longtail roosters. Teton and Willie made us proud by busting heavy cover to get these birds up. The last bird of the season got the best of both Lindsey and I and I can still see him cackling off into the cattails with the ring of my only shot in my ears; that will keep me thinkinking of what next season will hold (if I get my Remington 1100 fixed).



Text Box: Fall Colours

Riverside covert


Teton and Ruffie

John and Sharptails

River Bottom Boys

Teton and Sadie

Red Deer River Bottoms

Sharptail coverts

Dane on the Prairie



Mixed Bag

Mulie down!

Dr. Death

Western Sky

Happy Hunter

Local Moose

Fall Colours

River Whitey

After the shot

.338 Win Mag

Craig’s First

Thanks Buddy

Cattail Crew

Pheasant coverts

Moose Mug