That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


Highlights of the 2006 Fishing Season

Early Summer Browns on drys…….

There is nothing quite as satisfying a catching a wily ol’ brown who has a PHD in fly presentation and mayfly identification. These browns fell for a size 14 rusty mayfly dun. The best thing was we were right behind a boat of guided fisherman. The first fish went 24 inches and took at least 50 casts and 2 hours to hook. The Next fish was rising right in the middle of the river in the most unlikely spot @ an unlikely time of day. It took a keen eye to spot his rise form. The 3rd fish went 25 inches and was rising very tight behind a rock on two current seems. It took several casts to get the right one before he took.   Finally the 4th Brown was taken from the North Raven River. I had scouted the hatches most of the first week in June. The hatch lasted 3 days and was best on the first day due to weather conditions. The first night I landed 6 trout between 16 and 23 inches. The biggest was a 23 incher that was rising on the opposing bank above a 17 incher I just had caught. The big fish was moving quite a bit of water and I knew she would take because she was rising consistently in one area. If I could hit the target with a steeple cast I had a shot. On my first cast I was short and the second right on. The tension until the strike was great, the fight was on and the big girl jumped 5 times, it seemed like 3 feet in the air and then it dogged on the bottom until I jumped down into the mud and landed her. Now I was stuck in the mud and had to release myself from my boots and stand on nearby sticks and pull my boots out. Every one of these browns was a memorable moment from the early  summer. All trout were landed on my 8’6”- 4 weight Winston with 6 pound Umpqua tippet.


Early Spring Backyard Trout……..

When spring fever hit I had to get fishing. I am fortunate to live on a river and it opens earlier than most trout streams in the area. April 1st the river was dirty with spring melt.  I waited until the second week in April to take my dog for a walk and on that exploratory mission to a newly formed pool on the lower part of our property. That night I was surprised to catch 3 respectable bull trout (17-23 inches) and 4 really nice browns. Nothing under 16 inches. The next night down there I landed the same bull I had caught the night before and a surprise a 17 inch brook trout. What a great start to the season. I feel very fortunate to have such good fishing 100 yrds from my backdoor. You got to love Alberta.

When my wife told me we were going to Costa Rica for her brothers wedding, a light went off in my head (mind you a dull light). If I was traveling that far I wanted to see what the local fishing was like. I booked a guide for my 2 brother in-laws and the father in-law for a half day of inshore fishing for Rooster Fish months in advance. The day came and we made our way to town. We trolled for a bit and everybody was reeling in fish. They were called skipjack tuna and they were to be our bait. A rainbow of that size in the bow would be a trophy. We trolled for a bit and the captain yelled Amber Jack and it was on and the fight lasted about 2 minutes and shortly we had a good eating fish on board. Next fish was mine and I watched the rod intently and then it bucked and we were into a rooster. Wow did that thing fight and even on the gear we had it raced in the waves. I was tired when we landed the beautiful beast. This rooster went 40 pounds and later that night I enduldged in a 40 pounder of Costa Rica Rum to celebrate. A saltwater adventure to remember for sure but not my last…………..

Saltwater Adventures……..

Saltwater Adventures continued……..

My next saltwater adventure found my Uncle Tom and Cousin Rob and I traveling to the QCI, BC  for salmon, halibut and lingcod. We all were very fortunate to have landed a fish in the 50 lb club. We ended up bringing home enough fish to fill a medium sized deep freeze. We enjoyed each others company, good rye and pleasant weather. On our return to the mainland we fished for Skeena Sockeye salmon on the fly. That story to follow………….