That’s why they call it fishing not catching!


My fly tying career started out of necessity.  I needed to go fishing and there were very few fly shops around at the time.  So I started tying and selling flies to catch Rocky Mountain Whitefish in the Red Deer. I called them “Whitefish Specials” then I expanded to brown hackles and other patterns. I sold them for 50 cents and that supplied materials to tie my own flies.  Fly tying to me is not following a book but making up patterns, trying them and improving upon them. Feel free to try tying some of my favorite proven patterns including my own Kelsey’s Kure.

Pike Frogger Popper

Missouri River Lobster

Foam Water Boatman

Brown Catatonic Leach

Mini Stream Clouserminnow

Foothills Hopper

Large Flashy Clouserminnow

Yardlight Pike Popper

Standard Egg Sucking Bugger

Maribou Muddler

Crazy Legs Golden Stone

Green Damasel

Note: Rye and Coke on fly tying table increases creativity…..

Stimulator With Rubber

Sedge Pupa

Big Bad Salmon Fly

Bull Slaying Leech

Eagle Travelling Sedge

Brown Drake Extended Body

Rubber Legged Bugger

Blackened Stone

Candy Cane Bully Killer