One of my favorite spots.

Thatís why they call it fishing not catching!



Thanks for visiting my site.† Iím an avid outdoorsman who enjoys both hunting and fishing in this great Province of Alberta. I prefer to hunt large predatory trout and fish some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the foothills of the Rocky Mountians. I have been fishing for 30 years in this area and know it very well. I work as the Watershed Technician for a timber company, so my work leads to all corners of the Clearwater Forest Reserve. I like to fish hard and never let the elements dictate my success. I have been fortunate to have done some traveling to persue my passion of adventure angling. I have fished British Columbia extensively, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Alaska, NWT, Yukon, Montana, Oregon, New Brunswick. I can still say that Alberta has some the best fishing anywhere.

When seasons turn to Fall my focus changes to upland bird hunting for mainly wild pheasants then in November chasing whitetails and mule deer. I am fortunate to have good hunting on my property.

I love being a outdoorsmen and that also motivates me to get involved in local conservation issues. Giving back to the resource and being a steward to the land will benefit future generations of sportsman.

One of my favorite fishing partners.

My wife fishing Pepperís Lake.